Jesus is the Balm We Need! Jeremiah 8:18-22

I’m In Transition Mode! Apostle Dr. D.L. Wilson (10/9/2022)

The Sustainable Power of The Good News | God’s Word Will Keep Us! (9/25/2022)

Positioned to Prosper In God!

Focusing on the Process of Positioning to Prosper during service with an audience/congregation of men. (7/24/22) Full video

Wait On the Lord With Strategy | Strategies When Waiting On God

(9/18/22) We can draw strength from biblical stories of deliverance, healing, restoration, revivals and transformation.

What Are You Believing God for? Wait for It! (August 7,2022)

Breathe On Me Lord / Catching My 2nd Wind:

Ofttimes, we need or ask God to “breathe on me Lord” so we can Catch a 2nd Wind. (July 10, 2022)

Positioned to Prosper In God!

Positioned to Prosper In God! Focusing on the Process of Positioning to Prosper Key Points focus: Heart Conditioned: Surrendering, Healing & Love Mindset: Transformation & Attitude Humility: Submitting, Contrition & Kept Ready to Go! : Confidence & Wisdom. (July 24, 2022)

Being Broken is The Sacrifice That God Desires!

(Pastor Cheryl) {June 26, 2022)

Restoration Season! God Redeemed Your Time!

(Pastor Cheryl ministered to the residents at The Shepherd’s Inn Chapel at Atlanta Mission 5.1.2022).

Open Your Mouth! It’s Time To Speak What God Told You To! Use Your Gift!

God’s Peace to Get Through

Pastor Cheryl’s “Let Me Out”

Book Excerpt from chapter “Comfortable In Your Own Skin” 

Kingdom Harvest International. Apstle D L Wilson preached and taught truth regarding legalism, bondage and by practicing old law traditions and condemnation and so much more.

Pick it Right Back Up! Got Talent and Gifts?

 Pastor Cheryl on Preach the Word Network (PTWWN.TV)

Pick it Right Back Up! Got Talent and Gifts?

#yourgiftwillmakeroomforyou Shared this on Preach the Word Network. What I have to say today is to move those of you who are sitting on your hands. When I say hands, I mean gifts, talents, dreams, skill set, genius, brilliance and experience. Maybe you have buried, hidden qualities or forgotten treasures that you carry. Whatever the case, PICK it Up Again! Wait For It! “IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO STIR UP AND USE YOUR GIFTS” SELAH! God will resurrect your gift and passions. PICK IT BACK UP!

Facts surrounding the Death and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ (Time of his crucifixion, death and rise) Let’s look at What Really Happened On Good Friday! Apostle Wilson 4/2/21

Give God Your Heart! He’s Forgiving” (4/11/21)

Give God Your Heart! Turn to Him! He’s forgiving. I hope you know that about God-the father. Minister Cheryl is talking about the love and compassion of God for His children and the world. All God wants is your heart. Cheryl demonstrates via scripture, how God provides and forgives and has a purpose for our lives.

Completed In Christ! He’s Done with It! | Resurrection Sunday 2021 |”Easter'” (4/5/21)

Yes, to what Jesus did on the cross to finished the work of salvation. On this Resurrection Sunday, Evangelist Cheryl is preaching about how Jesus fulfill the law by becoming a sacrificial lamb for our sins that was committed and WILL be committed… so we have to do is receive what He has done for us and walk in newness. Now we have the grace of God that allows us salvation through forgiveness. Let’s celebrate Christ the anointed One, the savior and redeemer. Join Evangelist Cheryl and her daughter artist Imani-Love by tuning into virtual church, subscribing and liking out videos. Don’t forget to share.

Keys to Supernatural Turnaround” (3/16/21) by Apostle DL Wilson (Kingdom Harvest International-Norfolk, VA)

Prayer is a divine prescription for every human affliction or unpleasant situation. A turn to Yahweh in prayer is what turns destiny around. Look at how Jabez turned to the Lord… Violent Faith, Aggressive Prayer and High Praise are the keys as platforms for supernatural turnaround in our lives. When praise is your lifestyle, then miracle will become common for you. King Jehoshaphat sent praise and worshippers out front and their enemies turned against each other and killed each other and the Children of Israel collected the spoil left… Here’s the 4th King’s story of promises found in Psalm 138:2 | and we’re going to look at Peter and more…

The Joy of the Lord | Help with Depression & Coping (3/21/21)

The Joy of The Lord can help decrease and heal the spirit of Depression and us cope through much. Cheryl is sharing a brief message and testimony about how the Joy of the Lord is our strength, coping method and an ultimate remedy. Although we dabble and use other alternatives to feeling good, staying motivated and encouraged, manage our emotions, cope through stressful and burdensome situations and events, lets still remember that the Word of God is powerful than any remedy or human “fix.” There is a supernatural empowerment that is induced the God’s power, word and inner joy received from Him.

Praise & Spiritual Warfare “Praise & Worship Is Our Weapon” (3/6/21)

Spiritual Warfare warrants us to engage in prayer, praise and the word which is our strategy and weapon of victory. Pastor/Prophet/Evangelist Cheryl Y. Howard ushers you into worshipping, praise and prayer with her so an agreement of victory is established here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Tea With Jesus Talk “Receiving the Holy Ghost aka Holy Spirit”

Another Tea With Jesus Talk: “Receiving the Holy Ghost” and feeling Convicted of wrongdoing. This talk is inspired by a conversation I had with a friend and colleague about the responsibilities of the Holy Ghost aka Holy Spirit and the difference between being spirit filled and NOT! There are fruits of the Spirit of God that are evident of the indwelling of God’s divine power and spirit.

Faint Not! Help IS On the Way! (3.14.21.)

Faint Not! God’s about to multiply what you have! Be Encourage! Increase is coming! Here is a Kairos Word! Help is on the way! I have been praying for relief and release even for my own self and feelings of burnout..

Apostle  Dr. D L Wilson “How to be free from anxiety” 


Surrounded by Favor (2/7/2021)

Tea With Jesus Talk! We Are Procreators of Our Purpose!

Glad In the Land of Living | I could Have Fainted (8/25/2020)

Heal the Land Intercessory Prayer /Pandemic 2020 | Evangelist Cheryl (6/26/20)

He Did That! | Resurrection Sunday 2020- Evangelist Cheryl Y. Howard (6/15/20)

Trauma-Focused Approaches to Ministry (4/6/20)

Prophetic Writing Exercise Webinar/Workshop

Here’s one of my Prophetic Writing webinars from my Purpose Passion Finder Workshop Course. I’m coaching members of Get Your Life Back Academy. This workshop is inspired by the book of Habakkuk 2:2…

The Judge and the Advocate (4/5/20)

Let’s talk about God as Judge and Jesus as Advocate! Being reminded of how Jesus is our intercessor, advocate, counselor and redeemer. I’m reminded of the finished work of Christ when He became an atonement for our sins. Therefore, He is the High Priest that we can confess to and repent to God by so we recognize and acknowledged that we are sinners but saved by the grace of God because of the Christ’s sacrifice and love.

Dare You To Preach! Now! (3/28/20)

Speaking about Brief Study/Chat About boldness in preaching the Gospel to All. Which means, No Partiality! (without favoritism, unfair bias, etc.). Also, being bold about preaching the Gospel against opposition and resistance, and the importance of winning souls for Christ as priority.

What Do You Treasure? Most! (3/15/20)

WHAT DO YOU TREASURE? Min. Cheryl Y. Howard preaches from the text Mathew 6:19 Exodus 20:5. (Via Facebook live stream). 

Pastoral and Mental Health Counseling Within the Church. (6/5/20)

We discuss the benefits of counseling and how it supports members of the church. My guest Apostle Dr. D.L. Wilson, is Pastor of Kingdom Harvest International Ministries – Norfolk, VA along with his wife Co-Pastor/Prophet Cynthia Wilson. We discuss the importance of receiving counseling and leaders who are trained to provide some form of counseling. Members of the church/ministry can feel safe about sharing some of their issues/burdens/problems with caring leaders and even medical/mental health/counseling professionals planted withing the church. We should utilize these trained individuals to address the many facets/aspects of people.

Intercessory Prayer “When You Can’t Find the Words.” Pt 1

Pastor Cheryl go into fervent intercession prayer as she is led by the Holy Spirit. As she sense many during a season, are going through a time of transitioning, trauma, depression, anxiety, stressed, and discouraged. (Live on Facebook)

Intercessory Prayer Pt 2 “When You Can’t Find the Words.”

Intercessory prayer with Pastor Cheryl Y. Howard. Standing in the gap for you during a rough patch, stressful time and discouragement on Facebook Live.

Encourage Yourself & Faint Not!

Cheryl inspires you to stay encouraged through the Word of God (Bible). During challenging and unforeseen events, we need encouragement, laughter, prayer, motivation and inspiration in order to cope and endure.

Year of The Push!

Write the Vision down. How many times do we have to hear God before following His directives. No more acting as if you don’t know the passion and greatness inside of you that needs manifestation. God can make your name great. God enlarge your territory. This is season to push forth that purpose you’re carrying. I’m your midwife right now. PUSH! Pastor Cheryl Y. Howard preaching @ New Covenant COGIC-NY

#Hashtag He Will Make It Prosper

#hewillmakeitprosper. It’s time for you to step out in your season after preparation for living in your purpose. The scripture tells us that whatever we find out hands to do, God will make it prosper. Move when God moves you. NO more waiting for other’s permission and validation. God already validated and affirmed you!

Intercessory Prayer to Lift Your Spirit. 

This is a call to prayer and intercession on your behalf. Let’s touch and agree for your restoration, lifting of your head, salvation, healing and peace. In God’s Word, we can find encouragement and joy.

How Can I Hear From God?

Many people ask the question, “How Can I hear from God” or, How do I know I’m hearing from God? Well, Cheryl answers this question based on her own experiences and others. She provides scriptural references that you can go and study for yourself.

Have Faith! And I Still Believe God!

 Evangelist Cheryl Howard sharing an inspiring talk, “This is the Season of Opportunities!” “This is the Season of Expansion!” “Even if it doesn’t look or feel like it.” 2 Peter 1:5. 1 Samuel 18. Please excuse my mistakes…when I was reading from 2 Peter, I meant to mention Peter’s name and not Paul lol but you get the gist.

Seasonal Mood Check In – Check on that strong friend

Seasonal mood… With the change of seasons and less sunlight and holidays, our mood and motivation can decrease IF WE LET ALLOW SEASONS TO DICTATE OUR ACTIONS, DECISIONS AND BEHAVIOR! Cheryl shares Care tips and spiritual insight on how to address the issues of seasonal lows of others. Let’s reach out and touch someone.

Living in Vain or Purpose?

Looking at the Children of Israel’s rebelliousness even after God delivered them. Seeing the steadfastness and faithfulness of God in spite of our ungodly/unpleasing actions, and lack of faith. God still wants to make provision for us. Psalm 78.

Facing Your Goliath!

Fight? Or Flight? So you’re in the midst of a dilemma, stressful situation or under pressure. Which response will you use? Learning to cope helps us make the best decisions.

When You Feel Life Gives You the Shaft… How to Refocus

Learning how self-coach, self-encourage and resume to focusing on your overarching goal of living in your purpose when Life’s journey present situations and vicissitudes… Sometimes, these circumstances are the best opportune moments to analyze your time, talent, inner genius, expertise, repurposing goals, discovering your greatness and purpose…

Pit Stop Between Your Past & Promise Part 1

Your pit stop is TEMPORARY! Don’t give now! It doesn’t good, it’s unpleasant, it may be embarrassing, you may feel ostracized or ridiculous but hold on…All Things Work together for the good…Romans 8:28. * PASTORAL COUNSELING & MINISTRY:

Pit Stop Between Your Past & Promise Part 2

Between Your Past & Promise! What do you do while at the Pit Stop! Wait for wisdom, revelation, encouragement and be a blessing. Inspirational Life Coaching with Cheryl.

Breathe Again/Take Your Second Wind

Tea With Jesus’ Topic: Put up! Shut up! Pray up! 

Servant Leadership/Organization & Time Management Workshop.

Discussing Servant Leadership, Organization and Time Management to encourage attendees to organize their lives, thoughts and tasks and be more productive and destressed. (June, 2022)

Job 42: 10-13, 16-17. It Ain’t Over, God Still Wants to Bless You! Subtitle: Wanted By Satan but Chosen By God!

2 Chronicles 20:20 (KJV) 20 And they rose early in the morning and went forth into the Wilderness of Tekoa; and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the Lord your God; so shall ye be established. Believe His prophets; so shall ye prosper.”

Listening to the prophetic Word through God’s People (Jesus is Justice Mission Church)

Giving remarks/reflection at Jesus is Justice Mission Church (Pastor Cynthia Bryant & Bishop Harland Bryant). Scripture from 2 Chronicles 20:20 (KJ21) | In Context | Whole Chapter 20 And they rose early in the morning and went forth into the Wilderness of Tekoa; and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the Lord your God; so shall ye be established. Believe His prophets; so shall ye prosper.”

Just Think On These Things (less than 2 minute power-break)

While in prison for preaching the Gospel, the Apostle Paul encouraged the Church at Philippi near Macedonia, to think on positive things and remain strong in their faith. See Philippians Chapter 4.

Prophetic Writing! Part 1

Writing with Prayer & Faith. Discussing a chapter from Cheryl’s book Let Me Out Chapter 20. Prophetic Writing. Writing those visions as a reminder, reinforcement to work toward goals. Helping yourself stay focused while praying and believing by faith. Seeing those dreams, visions and goals manifest and actualize. Get the book and lets talk.

Prophetic Writing! Part 2

Continuing the talk on writing down your visions and dreams, uncovering past issues that crippled you, becoming whole to succeed, stepping out on faith, Healing from within to external, believing God n the midst, etc.

“Tea with Jesus’ Intercessory Prayer “Throwback ‘GIVE GOD SOME TIME”

Welcome to a throwback from early days of Tea With Jesus Talk with Minister Cheryl Y. Howard. TOPIC: “Give God Some Time” and Prayer of Intercession for: Salvation, deliverance of bad habits, divine order, addiction, self-defeating thoughts, healing from patterns of generational mistakes, confusion, anxiety, financial provision, etc.

Listen to Deliverance by Faith Cathedral  with Apostle Stephen Amacker and Lady A [Blogtalk Radio Broadcasts] for revival, encouragement, inspiration, building your  faith, back to holiness, and understanding salvation.